The AESOP program offers a practice-oriented training to those with either a mechanical or electrical engineering background that are interested in orienting their curriculum towards the aeronautical and maintenance market. This is a one-year international program composed of a fall semester offered by the University of Bordeaux in France and a spring semester offered by the University of Cincinnati in the US. Two diplomas are obtained: a Diplôme Universitaire International (DUI) from UB and a Master of Engineering (MEng) from UC.

Program Factsheet

Duration: one year

Fall semester (September to December):  in Evering Institute of UB in Merignac, France

Spring semester (January to April/June): in Cincinnati, Ohio, US


  • Master of Engineering (MEng) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati
  • Diplôme Universitaire International (DUI) in Aero-System Operations from the University of Bordeaux

Master of Engineering (MEng)
in Aerospace Engineering

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Diplôme Universitaire International (DUI)
in Aero-System Operations


A one-year international program

The first semester in Bordeaux provides:

  • an overview of the aeronautical maintenance (regulation, design and implementation of maintenance program, technical documentation…)
  • technical skills associated to either structural maintenance (CAD design, composite material manufacturing and repair, non-destructive testing...) or avionics maintenance (fault detection, design of test benches, aeronautical data bus...)

The second semester in Cincinnati provides:

  • professional skills courses to develop the capacity to manage tasks and projects, lead teams...
  • courses to develop aerospace engineering skills through a wide choice of technical specialties
  • a capstone project

Video presentation of the AESOP program


How to apply

Strengths the AESOP program

  • One-year program offering career opportunities in aerospace engineering and maintenance
  • Gain an international graduate study experience
  • Wide choice of teaching units in UC semester to specialize your skills profile
  • Get a unique hands-on experience thanks to evering institute facilities

Mise à jour le 12/06/2023

University of Bordeaux

Christophe Farges
In charge of AESOP program

Contact by email

Isabelle Sand
In charge of lifelong training at Evering Institute

University of Cincinnati

Eugene Rutz
Director of Master of Engineering program