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Interview de W. Mnich, étudiant AESOP

William Mnich, étudiant du DUI/MEng AESOP, partage son expérience dans une story de l'Université de Cincinnati.

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After spending five years as a Bearcat earning an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering technology, Will Mnich decided to continue at the University of Cincinnati to earn not one, but two additional degrees in the aerospace engineering field. 

Mnich has family members who work in the industry as pilots and in the military, so aerospace and defense were always on his radar. The Aero-System Operations (AESOP) Program is a collaborative degree program between UC and the University of Bordeaux Evering Institute (UBx)in France wherein students are awarded a dual diploma by the two universities. A Master of Engineering degree from UC and a Diplôme Universitaire International from Bordeaux. 

"The AESOP program is a signature program of CEAS as it provides unique opportunities for our students. There are very few programs nationally preparing students to lead and manage aviation repair and maintenance organizations. Couple that with the time spent in France learning from both faculty and practitioners and you have a program to be very proud of," said Eugene Rutz, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at CEAS.