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Interview de H. Benjelloun , étudiant AESOP

Hamza Benjelloun, étudiant du DUI/MEng AESOP, partage son expérience dans une story de l'Université de Cincinnati.

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1/ What was your educational background before taking the DUI-AESOP?

Before applying for the DUI-AESOP, I did a master's degree in aerospace engineering in Morocco.

2/ Why did you choose to do the DUI-AESOP?

I decided to apply for the DUI-AESOP so that I could acquire knowledge in aeronautical maintenance and thus "specialise in aeronautical maintenance".

3/ What did you expect from the course?

The aim of the program was to learn more and acquire skills in aeronautical maintenance, so that the program would be a 'plus' on my CV.

4/ What did you gain from the semester in France at the Evering Institute?

Firstly, I was able to achieve my first objective, which was to learn as much as possible about aeronautical maintenance. Then I was able to get a concrete idea of the different aspects taught thanks to case studies and practical work on aircraft.

5/ What did you particularly enjoy?

I really liked the setting at Evering, which is bathed in a special aeronautical atmosphere thanks to its proximity to Bordeaux airport and the various companies in the aeronautical sector (Dassault, Thales and Sabena among others), but also thanks to its hangar and its various aircraft. I also really liked the participation of industrialists in the teaching, which gives a more concrete idea of the content of the courses. Finally, the close relationship with the teachers and staff at the institute is very pleasant.

6/ Did you encounter any difficulties?

I didn't have any particular difficulties, thanks to the fact that I could follow the courses in French and English. Generally speaking, everything was done to put us in the best possible conditions.

7/ Do you have any advice for future DUI-AESOP students?

I don't really have any advice to give to future DUI-AESOP students, as the teachers, secretaries and people in charge of the program all provide good support. However, I would strongly encourage students interested in aeronautical maintenance to apply, as I think this one-semester program is very comprehensive.

8/ From your pointof view, how will this program help you achieve your career goals?

As I said earlier, this program gives you a complete overview of aeronautical maintenance in just one semester. So it gives me a grounding that will enable me to apply for jobs in aeronautical maintenance. Like aeronautics in general, the field of maintenance is very broad and logically involves a lot of work, which can be translated into more job opportunities. Especially as Evering is one of the only schools (if not the only one) specialising in aeronautical maintenance in France.