The AESOP program offers a practice-oriented training to those with either a mechanical or electrical engineering background that are interested in orienting their curriculum towards the aeronautical and maintenance market. This is a one-year international program composed of a fall semester offered by the University of Bordeaux in France and a spring semester offered by the University of Cincinnati in the US. Two diplomas are obtained: a Diplôme Universitaire International (DUI) from UB and a Master of Engineering (MEng) from UC.

Program Factsheet

Duration: one year

Fall semester (September to December):  in Evering Institute of UB in Merignac, France

Spring semester (January to April/June): in Cincinnati, Ohio, US


  • Master of Engineering (MEng) in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Cincinnati
  • Diplôme Universitaire International (DUI) in Aero-System Operations from the University of Bordeaux

Master of Engineering (MEng)
in Aerospace Engineering

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Diplôme Universitaire International (DUI)
in Aero-System Operations


A one-year international program

The first semester in Bordeaux provides:

  • an overview of the aeronautical maintenance (regulation, design and implementation of maintenance program, technical documentation…)
  • technical skills associated to either structural maintenance (CAD design, composite material manufacturing and repair, non-destructive testing...) or avionics maintenance (fault detection, design of test benches, aeronautical data bus...)

The second semester in Cincinnati provides:

  • professional skills courses to develop the capacity to manage tasks and projects, lead teams...
  • courses to develop aerospace engineering skills through a wide choice of technical specialties
  • a capstone project

Video presentation of the AESOP program


How to apply

Strengths the AESOP program

  • One-year program offering career opportunities in aerospace engineering and maintenance
  • Gain an international graduate study experience
  • Wide choice of teaching units in UC semester to specialize your skills profile
  • Get a unique hands-on experience thanks to evering institute facilities

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University of Bordeaux

Christophe Farges
In charge of AESOP program

Contact by email

Lifelong training department

University of Cincinnati

Eugene Rutz
Director of Master of Engineering program